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Junk Removal Details

Joey’s Junk offers the cheapest garbage removal pick up in Vancouver & the Lower Mainland

With rates that are 25% less than the local competition, Joey’s Junk’s offers the cheapest junk removal services in Vancouver and Lower Mainland. We pride ourselves on our cheap waste disposal, quality customer service and diverse array of services that go beyond beyond basic garbage collection and removal.

Our waste disposal services cover all the bases, from construction and household junk removal to office junk removal.

Common household items for pickup include mattresses, couches, refrigerators, hot tubs and various other heavy furniture. For an office junk removal pick up, we frequently dispose of computers, printers, lighting, cardboard, styrofoam and paper. Roofing, dirt, insulation, lumber and concrete are among common garbage items collected for construction junk removal.

Each appointment includes a free on-site estimate, safe garbage collection and responsible rubbish removal. Every customer can expect a two-man team with vehicle expenses and clean up included.

Unlike other junk removal companies, Joey’s Junk does not charge additional labour time costs or surcharges for speciality items.

Protocol and rates

Proper waste waste disposal protocol exists and at Joey’s Junk, we make an effort to donate and recycle every item we can. Most household, office and construction items can be refurbished and we make every effort we can to dispose of your items the eco-friendly way. The City of Vancouver has a great waste and recycling management system that helps make our job easier. If the items we collect can’t be recycled, we often donate them to a charity so that unwanted materials like clothes and appliances can be put to good use again.

It’s our priority to give our customers fast and efficient service.

Within 24 hours of confirming an appointment, we will be at your door, ready to do the heavy lifting for you. Spare yourself the time and effort and let Joey’s Junk team load up your waste and dispose of it for you. Our junk removal rates are charged by the amount of space your material takes up in our truck.

Our single item junk removal rates start at only $39 (similar junk removal companies’ rates start at $79 for a single item pick up) while one whole truckload has a total fee of only $600. In comparison, the 1-800 junk removal franchises will charge you $729 per load in their much smaller 10ft truck.

Mattress Removal

Joey’s Junk: $80

1-800-Got-Junk: $90

Just Junk: $98

505-Junk: $99

604-Trash-It: $129

Box spring not included

Appliance Removal

Joey’s Junk: $39

505-Junk: $79

Just Junk: $98

604-Trash-It: $99

1-800-Got-Junk: $150

Electronic Removal

Joey’s Junk: $60

505-Junk: $79

1-800-Got-Junk: $85

Just Junk: $98

604-Trash-It: $99

Dispose of your items the eco-friendly way

At Joey’s Junk, we try to dispose or donate as much of collected waste as possible. Since the majority of household items can be recycled, most of your items will end up being refurbished at a recycling centre and be put to good use again. If your disposed items can’t be recycled, we often donate the items to a charity where things like clothes, furniture and appliances can be reused. There’s no need for waste to end up at the bottom of a landfill when your unused items could become very useful for someone else.

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